Thursday, 22 September 2011

Personal Thank You cards

As the hight of the wedding season is coming to an end and our brides and grooms are starting their married life together, there is one final task for them to do... write their thank you cards!
While many couples order their thank you cards with their wedding stationary others wait until they get their official photographs and select a photo to be made in to a card.

A few weeks ago I was very honoured when I opened my mail to see that one of my bride and grooms had chosen this photo I had taken of them on the front of their 'thank you' card! 

A couple of years ago, we organised a wedding just outside of Venice with lots of different events including cocktails in a local rustic bar. The Couple sent the owners a very personal thank you card, with their photo on the front, which is to this day still sitting on the bar!...

There is something lovely about receiving a personal thank you and in the age of technology sending cards with a photograph of your special day is such a sweet and easy way to say THANK YOU! 

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