Saturday, 10 September 2011

What is going on with Treviso Airport?

Flickr photograph of Treviso airport
The much awaited reopening of Treviso Airport has reportedly been put on hold. The work is not finished and there is, at the time of writing this,  no completion date in sight.You may be wondering what the delay is,  it just happens that the airport did not undertake studies on the environmental impact, before they started working on the project.A citizens committee from the local communities have denounced the work, due to the lack of this study and have brought the project to a standstill. We shall not know the fate of Treviso airport until both sides meet to see if they can reach a compromise on the 19th January 2012. Until then no further work can take place on site. Treviso airport is an integral and vital economy for Treviso and we eagerly wait to find out the outcome of this court hearing. 


  1. Treviso airport is up and running again! FACT as I went there myself a couple of days ago!

  2. It's great they solved the problem!


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