Saturday, 24 September 2011

Here comes the bride: Elena is sitting in the vintage car as hundreds of people come out to help her carry the dress through the streets of Casal di Princice

In Italy it is the norm when a bride drives down the road or takes a walk through the sleepy Italian streets, for the locals to come out and shout best wishes and congratulations to her. Yesterday Elena De Angellis brought out the village of  Casal di Princice to cheer her on to her church wedding and to see her wedding dress...

She made it to the church: Elena De Angelis is all smiles after breaking the world record in Italy for her cream dress

No Elena is not a celebrity nor is she marrying royalty, but she was wearing a rather unusual wedding dress! 

With a veil 3km long this Italian Bride has broken the world record for the longest wedding dress. The Gianni Molaro designed cream dress, which is made from 6,000 metres of silk chord, is expected to be confirmed as the world’s longest by the Guinness book of Records.

It's a bundle: Hundreds of mother and workers from the design company worked together to get the three kilometre long dress into the church
A day to remember: The entire village of Casal di Princice came to a stand still for the epic wedding dress which was carried through the town

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