Wednesday, 7 September 2011

When bride and grooms first contact us, it is rare that they have a clear idea of what they would like for their wedding day. The starting focus is on location and then logistics followed by styling. They have read lots of wedding magazines and blogs and have all these ideas floating around in their heads trying to focus on what is going to best represent them.

I have 10 different weddings planned in my head for myself and have been excited about each one! So I totally understand the difficulty in pinning it down to just one style.  When I introduce couples to locations, my main focus is helping them decided what kind of experience they want to create for themselves and for their guests. What lasting memories do they want everyone to walk away with and what emotions do they want to evoke? 
One of the lovely things about hosting a destination wedding in Italy, is you normally have a day or two before your wedding day to spend with your friends and family, where strangers bond and a feeling of being a ''family'' all together is created. The  focus is on the bride and groom and it is a lovely time to share this magical experience with them.  The atmosphere of intimacy has already been created before the ceremony, making our job easier! 
When it comes to styling, wedding locations in Italy are so breathtakingly stunning that you do not need to design a 'set' but working with the natural settings to create a beautiful backdrop. All it takes is one singular thought, the location,object, colour or emotion to start the ball rolling on a design scheme. 
I always tell clients that you really don't need to be worried if you don't have a clear-cut vision of the wedding when you begin planning. A wedding grows and evolves as you refine ideas and learn about your personal style. Being open to finding new things and changing your mind is important... 
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